Volvo XC90

YEG Man – Volvo XC90

2016 Volvo XC90 – A Dynamic Driver

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Price (MSRP): $60,700

Fuel: Premium (71L)

Power/torque: 320hp/295 lb-ft

Fuel Economy ratings (L/100km): 11.5 city, 9.5 highway

This year’s Volvo XC90 made it’s Canadian debut at the Edmonton Motorshow in April thanks to the top-selling Volvo dealership in Canada, Volvo of Edmonton.

Mid-size would be an understatement though, this Volvo seats seven comfortably and stylishly.

At the Inscription trim level the linear wood inlays and Nappa leather interior are beautiful accents to an already attractive interior.

From the driver’s seat, the controls are pretty intuitive, adjusting my seat takes a moment but once I’ve got it just right, I’m not sure how I’m ever going to go back to a car without customizable lumbar support.

The centre console is essentially an iPad and is easily navigated with many of the same gestures, namely: tapping and swiping. If the XC90 was on Tinder, I’d swipe right in a heartbeat.

A couple of swipes let’s me adjust the temperature, navigate the music on my iPhone, or engage the park assist for parallel or perpendicular parking.

The park assist does a great job, while I’m a practiced parallel parker in a compact, I gave the Volvo a chance to show me up in a mid-size which it did in under a minute with no post-park adjustments necessary.

I trust the XC90’s parking job even more thanks to the bird’s-eye-view camera that lets me see 360 degrees around the vehicle and gives me a good sense of my surroundings in real-time.

My favourite part of the XC90 experience, aside from being able to tell everyone I talk to about the Thor’s Hammer headlights, is the Drive Mode settings.

At one end of the spectrum, the Eco-mode limits some of the XC90s power for better fuel-economy. The benefit of fuel-economy and environmental friendliness comes at the negligible cost of being a touch sluggish from a stand still. This mode is great for city-driving, especially when you’re not going anywhere fast.

Outside the city however, switching the XC90 into Dynamic Mode brings the engine roaring to life.

From stopped, the XC90 gets up to highway speeds in no time with little effort and once up to speed it glides.

When stopped in Eco and Comfort mode, the XC90’s engine shuts off until you’re ready to keep on, then it quietly starts back up.

Behind the scenes, there’s a boatload of safety features from adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection to lane-keeping and pedestrian detection that brakes for you should the need arise. Luckily, I didn’t get the opportunity to find out during my test drive, but it’s a definite comfort.

Adaptive cruise control can be adjusted to increase and decrease spacing between vehicles.

All in all, the XC90 was no thirstier than any of it’s competitors. The fully-loaded version is a pleasure to drive.

The 2016 Volvo XC90 starts at $60,700.

Volvo on Call

With the purchase of a new Volvo, drivers have access to six months free of Volvo’s smartphone app, Volvo On Call. The app comes loaded with a number of solutions that allow drivers to control their car remotely, whether it’s checking in on your car’s location while your away, or remotely starting the engine when it’s cold out.